We're sorry we missed you!

In case you missed Legato Healthcare Marketing President Mike Milligan's virtual presentation, "Re-Entry: Building Confidence for Elective Surgeries", during the NRHA Rural Hospital Innovation Summit, don't worry, you can download it for free, or watch a recording of the presentation, here!

Learn practical tips to reassure your community and reestablish the confidence patients need to return for elective procedures. Then, as we restore that trust and security, we can smoothly transition to specific business strategies to build revenue, including a revised, measurable marketing plan and an approach to recovery that helps to reassure patients of their safety. 


Take advantage of our FREE downloadable encore presentation, "Re-Entry: Building Confidence for Elective Surgeries" to help get your elective procedures back on track in spite of the challenges surrounding COVID-19.

Topics include: 

  • Restore a sense of confidence and trust with current and prospective patients 
  • Develop a marketing plan with measurable goals 
  • Ensure your recovery plan features patient protections 

To register and receive your free download, or to watch a recording of the presentation, simply complete the form to the right, click submit and download the PDF encore presentation.

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